nikola uzunovski


1 june - 31 july 2008

Nikola Uzunovski explores the flux of interaction between the individual and the environment. In the ambit of sensible experience, the artist sheds light on aspects and conditions that alter the canons of perceptivity and generates
events that establish a peculiar form of ecology

My Sunshine, Uzunovski’s most ambitious and visionary undertaking, takes its place at the heart of this research. Suspended between art and science, poetry and hyper-technology, its aim is to produce a flying object that
reflects sunlight to a specific area of the Earth, in order to appear as the sun itself. A subsequent, more
complex version of My Sunshine contemplates the production of several copies of the reflective body,
which will create the effect of multiple suns in the sky. The area chosen for the project lies around the
Arctic Circle where, as a result of the rotation of the Earth’s axis, the sun remains below the line
of the horizon during the winter months, its rays unable to illuminate the ground

The effects on the arctic population’s physical and emotional condition, caused by the lack of natural light, were the starting point for the multidisciplinary research conducted by Nikola Uzunovski in collaboration with astrophysicists, engineers, architects, environmentalists and social analysts, all invited by the artist to take part in the creation of the artificial sun.
The whole project evolves through the wide participation of the public, moving from the scientific milieu to
embrace whoever wishes to contribute in the advancement of the mission

During his residency in Pollinaria, Nikola Uzunovski takes My Sunshine to a new crucial phase, characterized by the design and construction of the first model of the artificial sun. The first experiments on solar reflection are carried out with the prototype of the aerostatic balloon at various times of the day and under different atmospheric conditions both at
Pollinaria and at Campo Imperatore, a mountain plateau in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park.
The artist focuses with equal intensity on the communication processes related to the project,
involving local community in the extensive dynamics of collective support that constitutes the
essential principle and decisive impulse towards the realization of My Sunshine

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